Our case is sturdy, versatile, and secure. Similar display cases do not offer multiple display options. Upright is perfect for an aisle, or against a wall or object. But with the tilted flat display option you can place some of your best bling at the counter near checkout, or right in front of you at a trade show.

The removable tray is also a fantastic feature in that it allows merchants and customers alike to pickup and view the entire case closer to their eye level. The rubber piece holding the mandrels in place is incredibly strong. You can tip the case 360 degrees without fear of loosing your beads. This is not something that you find with most typical bead display cases.

Despite the strength of the rubber stopper, it is quite easy to remove the mandrel and bead when a customer is ready to make their purchase. Simply slip your finger behind the bar and lift.

And black goes with everything!

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For European Beads and Lampwork Beads

- Store, Studio and Trade Show Display -

European Bead Display for Pandora Ohm Beads Chamilia Trollbeads and more

Freestanding Display Case

This beautifully designed display case is custom made to hold over 200 beads. Our counter top display case, with lift-out tray, has two freestanding settings for easy viewing: standing tall and laying at an angle.

The frame is solid wood in matte black. The tray is leatherette, with sturdy rubber to hold the mandrels in place. Lift the bead tray out for over-night secure storage, or easy trade show packing.